Baltic states consider setting up joint film production support fund

Vida Press

“Joint production of films by neighbouring countries is a common practice, which is successfully used in the Nordic and the Balkan countries. However, it is underdeveloped in our region, especially among the three Baltic states, and, as we see from experience, co-production can be very successful. The joint Lithuanian-Latvian film, The Gambler, is an example of this,” says Rolandas Kvietkauskas, the director of the Lithuanian Film Centre.

The first step in the direction was taken in Cannes on Saturday when the heads of the three Baltic national film institutions signed a three-country cooperation agreement, the Lithuanian Film Centre said.


The aim of the agreement is to promote co-production of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian movies, promote national cinemas in neighbouring states, present the Baltic film sector in and beyond Europe and step up cooperation in the field of European audiovisual policies.

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