Best Business Ideas to Start in Lithuania

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Are you thinking of starting a business in Lithuania and looking for the best business ideas? If yes, you’ve chosen right. The country is 11th in the World Bank’s recent rating of countries with ease of doing business. We hope you know what this implies. Lithuania ticks all of the boxes to talk of government policies, infrastructures, and enabling environment for business.

Meanwhile, the question isn’t if you should conduct business in the country but what business you should do. If that’s the question on your mind, we have answers for you. Just keep reading as we examine seven excellent business ideas to initiate in Lithuania.

1. Tech Business

There are limitless opportunities for anyone with IT ideas in Lithuania. The citizens are highly receptive to modern technologies that can make life easier. Besides, you can always find people to work with you from their talent pool.

Thankfully the opportunities in this field are endless. Some areas to explore include web design, content automation, user interface design, and many more. Fortunately, you can enter Lithuania with a Schengen visa and explore any of these opportunities.

2. Open a Boutique

Lithuanians do not lag in fashion and are open to trying new dressing styles. You would find several boutiques in the country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your own. You’ll need, among other things, a resilient spirit, an innovative marketing strategy, and, of course, lots of fashionable clothing items.

The good part about this is that you can have an online boutique if you consider an on-site one too expensive. You may need to understand how to import items of clothing too. Remember that this business may also involve lots of travelling. But you can always trust a UK immigration lawyer to help you with your papers.

3. Start a Logistics Business

If you are well organized and can deal with the rigours of storing and transporting other corporations’ goods, lots of money awaits you in Lithuania. You do not have to own a warehouse to start the business, but you should know where you can find several warehouse operators.

You can begin by connecting clients like manufacturing companies with warehouses and transportation companies. It’s like being the middleman between businesses that prefer to worry only about production and the other aids of trade that gets goods to customers.

4. Start an Advertising Agency

You’ll be surprised how much companies in Lithuania are willing to let people know about their goods and services. If you know how to explore creative means of reaching a target group with information, think about owning an advertising firm.

We already know about online ads, marketing campaigns, and other digital means of advertisement. Your job will be to decide which methods are best to grab the right audience’s attention and make them patronize your clients. This start-up requires some brain power and top-level analytic skills too.

5. Start an Axe-Throwing Business

We hope you know a few things about dart throwing because this is quite similar. Axe throwing is gathering steam in Lithuania, and there aren’t many people in the business yet.

Starting the axe-throwing business is not difficult. First, identify a community with such interest. Then, rent a perfect space or building within the area. The sport does not require much to set up. But ask a pro to help you with it anyway, or you’ll soon find out it goes beyond buying axes and target boards.

However, you’ll need to bring something special to your facility to make it unique, at the least, compared to others. You can think of rewards systems for membership subscriptions, price incentives for new customers, an axe-throwing community league, and other things that come to mind.

6. Start a Daycare Business

Lithuanians are very hardworking, and they do not mind working beyond schedule. But while Lithuanians work, someone must take care of their kids. That’s where you come in, but get ready for a lengthy process, too, because the Lithuanian government doesn’t joke with businesses that handle the nation’s future.

There’ll be several permits you must secure to start a daycare. Also, you’ll need to employ qualified personnel to assist you. To say the least, you would need some cash to do something worthwhile. Not to worry, the venture has a high turnover, so you’ll be glad you did.

Did we mention that this idea is perfect for educationists and people with kids? These two factors make you better ready to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of running the business.

7. Open a Restaurant

If cooking is your hobby, you can turn it into a rewarding business in Lithuania by starting a restaurant. Lithuanians would always welcome someone who can satisfy their sophisticated palates with modern and foreign dishes.

You could start trying out some traditional Lithuanian meals like Cepelinai, chilled Borscht, beetroot soup, and many others. Soon, you’ll be just as perfect as the locals.

Final Thoughts

As an expat, there are over a thousand business ideas to start in Lithuania. But the most important thing is for you to settle down in the country. For more help on that, you can visit We are quite sure the country’s alluring scenery and landscapes would inspire you even more.

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