Constructions begin as Lithuania enhances airspace surveillance

The contractor for constructions works was selected from Lithuanian companies in accordance with the regulations of the Law on Public Procurement, applied for procurement in defence and security sector.

Estimated value of the constructions is roughly EUR 13 million. The contractor is committed to complete the work until 2016.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces will install next-generation 3D long-range radars in three of its radiolocation posts, the 1st (Antaversis village, Prienai district), the 3rd (Degučiai village, Šilutė district) and the 4th (Ceikiškės village, Ignalina district), to enhance and strengthen air surveillance, control and defence of the Lithuanian airspace. The new radars meeting NATO standards will replace outdated and worn out Soviet-made long-range radars that the Lithuanian Armed Forces currently operates.

Buildings fitted for the new equipment will be built and work and administrative premises will be set up. The work will begin with the 1st and the 3rd radiolocations posts and then the 4th will follow.

The three next-generation long-range radars were procured and the procurement contract signed with a manufacturer from a NATO country by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) and the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) on behalf of the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania.

This is a long-term project which will elevate national air surveillance and control system to cutting-edge level of advanced technology and thus enhance the entire NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System. It will amount to the largest contribution of Lithuania so far to the enhancement of both, national and collective NATO defence capabilities.

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