Covid-19. April 07

The benefits of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine are “still largely positive,” the World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday (6 April).

“There is no evidence that the evaluation of the vaccine needs to change,” Roger Pinto de Sa Gaspar, the WHO official responsible for drug regulation and evaluation, said at a press conference.

Earlier, Marco Cavaleri, head of the EVA vaccination program, told Italian newspaper Il Messaggero: “In my opinion – we can now say – it is clear that there is a link to this vaccine, although it is not yet clear what causes this reaction.

Over the past day, 1,116 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed. 10 deaths were diagnosed.

It is the highest number of infections since January 26 this year.

In the last two weeks, out of 100,000 inhabitants, the incidence is 394.1.

The percentage of positive diagnostic tests in the last seven days is 7.7%.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 222,020 people have been diagnosed in Lithuania.

Statistically, 203,042 have recovered (declared: 159,431.).

Statistical number of active cases – 10,906 (nearly 55,000 declared).

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė believes that non-food stores in shopping centres should not be opened yet, as this will intensify people-to-people contacts and thus spread the coronavirus.

“It is not trade or the shops themselves that are the problem, but people-to-people contacts, which are intensified through open shopping centres,” I. Šimonytė said after a cabinet meeting.

After meeting with retailers, the prime minister argued that the government would consider allowing non-food stores in shopping centers to reopen. But after Wednesday’s government meeting it turned out that the ministers had not dealt with the matter.

According to the prime minister, this is about the latest data on coronavirus infections.

“Now that restrictions on movement between local governments have been lifted, visiting large shopping centres would provoke these sources of infection, and also in families,” she added.

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