Covid-19. April 19

At a mobile COVID-19 testing point in Vilnius. @ Žygimantas Gedvila

In Lithuania, small events, the resumed operation of theatres and cinemas were allowed. The government warns that when using the services of cultural institutions, it will be necessary to use medical masks or respirators.

These changes went into effect on Monday, April 19. They oblige event organizers to ensure that “spectators and participants (other than performers or athletes) and event staff wear medical masks or respirators that fit snugly around the face and cover the nose and mouth throughout the event”. Masks are not compulsory for disabled people if it is harmful to their health, and for children.


From Monday, shops located in shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, concert halls will be renewing their activities, small events will be allowed.

However, the opened stores will not be open on weekends. The Minister of Economy and Innovation, Aušrinė Armonaitė, emphasized that at weekends only those stores that previously operated in shopping centres will be open – food, zoological, florists, optics and orthopaedics, funeral articles, pharmacies, as well as shops with direct access from the outside.


All establishments to be opened must have a total area of at least 50 square meters per buyer or only one person can be operated at a time.

From Monday, cinemas, professional theatres and auditoriums will also be open, it will also be possible to organize outdoor and indoor events.

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