Did You Try Akuamma Seeds As A Kratom Alternative?

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The plant species is known to have properties of opium and has effects that stimulate the brain. Found in the lush forests of Southeast Asia, the plant is known as Mitragyna speciosa, better known as Kratom. People have traditionally been using it as herbal medicine. Therefore, one may primarily find it in southeastern countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. 

The medicinal benefits of consuming Kratom may include managing chronic pain, relieving opioid withdrawal symptoms, helping anxiety, depression, stress, etc. The plant produces the effects fast, generally within five or ten minutes. The effects may last as long as five hours. Kratom is a highly regulated product worldwide, with bans imposed on it in several countries due to many side effects attached to its consumption. Because of these side effects, one may find multiple Kratom alternatives from kona kratom. In the article, we will discuss one such article commonly known as akuamma seeds. 

Akuamma Seeds – An Introduction

The Akuamma plant belonged to the Apocynaceae family. First found in 1896, the plant’s scientific name is Picralima nitida, and nitida is the only species of the Picralima genus. Generally, one may find the plant in tropical African countries, namely Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, Zaire, Uganda, etc. It is a tree, and the African people have traditionally used the dried seeds of this tree to make medicines.

Animal studies show that alkaloids produce antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. The seeds contain two types of alkaloids – pericine and akuammine. Researchers believe that the pericine alkaloid has a convulsant effect, while akuammine is anti-malarial and acts as an opioid antagonist. It can have analgesic effects too. Traditionally, people used akuamma seeds to aid malaria, diarrhea, and chronic pain.

Kratom V/S Akuamma Seeds

There are a few pointers that we need to discuss to know what the fundamental differences are between Kratom and akuamma seeds. We will discuss four parameters here.

  • Source And Composition

The introduction shows us that both the plants are of different origins. Kratom is found primarily in Southeast Asian countries, whereas Akuamma seeds come from African countries. Besides sources, people also use various other parts of the Akuamma plant like the stem, flower, and leaves. But consumers use the leaves of the Kratom plant. 

Kratom contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, while the Akuamma plant contains akuammine and pericine. Both the plants have similar roles to play in the human body because both plants have compounds inside which are relatively similar. Mitragynine and akuammine have identical functions to play in our bodies.

  • Effects

Kratom and its constituent mitragynine are known to provide analgesia and properties that boost energy. Analgesic properties are those that relieve pain in the human body. 

Akuamma seeds lack some benefits that the other plant may provide. The ‘seeds’ may help manage chronic pain, improve focus, boost energy, manage anxiety, and bust stress. But they do not produce euphoria like Kratom. The seeds also have antipyretic properties.

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  • Dosage

The compound dosage varies from one person to the other, but people know that Kratom is more potent at lower doses than akuamma seeds. That is because the roots have mild effects, while the southeast Asian plant has strong effects. 

In general, people dose on the southeast Asian herb at 2 gm to 12 gm. Anything lower than 2 gm wouldn’t produce the desired effects, and above 12 gm would lead to overdosing. One can consume around 250 gm to 500 gm of the seeds from the African plant, which would be approximately one to two seeds, and people with chronic pain dose as high as 4 gm to 6 gm. 

  • Duration Of The Effects

The duration of the lasting effects would be a short pointer to talk upon. The results of the akuamma seeds last as long as 3-4 hrs. Kratom takes as little as 5-10 minutes to start the effects and lasts for as long as 2-5 hours. The duration of the impact depends upon the amount of dose one intakes. Increasing the dosage to increase the longevity of the effect may lead to overdosing, which in turn leads to harmful side effects in the long run.

What Are The Other Kratom Alternatives Available?

Apart from akuamma seeds, a few other Kratom alternatives are available in the market. Here are some of the other Kratom alternatives for people to know. 

  • Kava

Originating in the South Pacific island, it is a shrub belonging to the pepper family. The scientific name is Piper mehystricum, and people commonly consume it as a paste. Like the Southeast Asian herb, this shrub also boasts of several health benefits but without scientific backing.

  • Kanna

It is another African herb on the list. The herb’s scientific name is Sceletium tortuosum, mainly containing mesembrine and mesembrenone as its active compounds. It is a well-known alternative to Kratom because it has no legal implications like the southeast Asian herb.

  • Sakae Naa

It is another herb found in southeast Asian nations, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc. It contains a compound known as combretol, chemically different from mitragynine but is said to produce the same effects as the other southeast Asian herb. It comes from the leaves of a tree whose scientific name is Combretum quadrangulare.

Are Akuamma Seeds Legal In the US?

Currently, akuamma seeds are one hundred percent legal products in the market. In contrast, Kratom is a highly regulated product in the USA. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considers the Southeast Asian herb a controlled substance. Though the Federal government hasn’t made it illegal, several states have banned the herb’s consumption. The seeds from the African plant face no such restrictions and regulations. It is legal not only on the Federal level but also in all US states.


Selecting between Kratom and akuamma seeds is challenging because the plants share similar effects and benefits. But the seeds from the African plant have a milder effect overall compared to the plant from southeast Asia. The reason is that there are several legal obligations against speciosa, while the ‘seeds’ face no legal barrier. Kratom has various choices (strains), but akuamma has no such ‘strains.’ The plant from southeast Asia produces euphoria and is more potent than the seeds from the African plant. The choice is for one to take. Remember not to overdose on either and enjoy a stress-free and happy life.

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