ECB vice-president: Greek ‘No’ vote would weaken chances for financial assistance deal

Vitor Constancio
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

The ECB, which has recently frozen the amount of emergency funding available to Greek banks, will be able to discuss the situation on Monday after the planned referendum in Greece, Constancio said.

“The referendum is relevant exclusively – for us – because it affects the probabilities of the agreement regarding financial assistance and adjustment in Greece,” the ECB vice-president said at a joint news conference with Vitas Vasiliauskas, the Lithuanian central bank’s governor.

“If there is a ‘No’ result, then it will be more difficult for such an agreement to be reached, and that has then consequences for our analysis and decisions. If the result is ‘Yes’, then it’s the opposite, it seems then easier to reach an agreement,” he said.

Opinion polls show that Greeks are almost evenly split over the crucial referendum on creditors’ latest reform proposals. Greece’s left-wing government is advocating a “No” vote.

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