Estonia faces 10-million-euro milk fine

“Let’s be honest, we’ve always known that if we produce over the quota, there will come a fine. It has not been a secret. It has always been something to take into account,” said Padar, as reported by Postimees Online. “We have always been the ones to point a finger if anyone in Europe violated the rules. And I am inclined to think that if someone else exceeded the quota, we would point a finger at the others.”

Padar says that Estonia needs to find the softest landing: “In itself, it is absurd that these excess production fines are applied in the last quota year. But such have been our prior agreements with the European Union.”


Padar said that the exact amount of the fine can only be predicted. “They say 10 to 14 million euros across Estonia. The amount will be revealed in the spring of next year, when they review, how much we have overproduced as of 31 March.”

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