Estonian minister: Klaipėda LNG facility can help ensure energy supply security

Dujovežis "Golar Seal", Suskystintųjų gamtinių dujų (SGD) laivas-terminalas "Independence"
M.Milinio nuotr.

“Obviously, the LNG facility contributes to gas supply security in the entire Baltic region hence it’s a very valuable experience to take a close look at its operations in Lithuania. Estonia is always positive about potential ways to use various alternatives to ensure energy supply security. The LNG facility in Klaipėda is one of such ways,” a press release from the Energy Ministry quoted Kristen Michal as saying after Friday’s meeting with Lithuania’s Energy Minister Rokas Masiulis.

The ministers visited the LNG terminal and discussed the energy projects implemented by the countries as well as the outlook for the development of the regional gas market.

“Close cooperation with Estonia is very important if we want to make sure that a fully-functional common gas market is created in the Baltic countries as soon as possible,” Masiulis said in the press release.

The ministers also talked about progress in the implementation of GIPL, a Lithuania-Poland gas interconnection project, about electricity interconnections that would be put in operation in Lithuania at the end of the year as well as about cooperation in synchronizing the Baltic grids with the grids of continental Europe.

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