EU commission takes Lithuania to court rail safety rules

The Commission said in a press release on Thursday that it had decided to refer Lithuania to the Court of Justice for failure to correctly transpose European rules on rail safety, under which the country was to establish such an authority by the end of April 2006.

“Lithuania failed to correctly transpose the Directive at a national level, more specifically by not ensuring the independence of the investigation body. In doing so, Lithuania is preventing the transparent investigation of serious accidents and incidents,” it said.

Alminas Mačiulis, the government chancellor, told BNS that the government in the spring of 2014 approved the Transport Ministry’s proposal to move investigators of transport accidents from the ministry-controlled bodies to the State Labor Inspectorate, but this issue has not been discussed at the parliament yet.

“The respective legislative amendments went to the Seimas. Unfortunately, the discussion got stuck at the Seimas,” he said.

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