EU releases funds for Lithuania-Poland gas pipeline

EU has released the first tranche of funding to build a natural gas connector between Poland and Lithuania.

Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) has transferred the first EU support payment to AB Amber Grid under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to finance the gas pipeline construction works between Poland and Lithuania (GIPL) construction in the territory of Lithuania.


The advance payment from the EU accounts for 30% of the total financial support allocated for the project, or almost €1.2 million.

The GIPL – a 522 km and 700mm diameter pipeline between Poland and Lithuania – will run for 165km through Lithunia and will be 357km long in Poland.


GIPL is aimed at integrating the Baltic gas markets into a single EU gas market, diversifying gas supply sources and increasing security of gas supply.

Under a European Commission decision in November 21, 2014, €10.6 million were dedicated to developing the pipelines with a total cost of €295 million for construction works.


The pipeline construction is also being financed by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with the Baltic States covering part of the cost of the infrastructure in Polish territory.

GIPL construction in Lithuanian territory should be completed in July 2019.


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