European Commission positive about Lithuania’s preparations for EU investment

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

Based on the criteria, projects will be selected to support science and business cooperation creating commercially successful products, provide consulting services for business promotion in regions, prevent addiction, manage cultural heritage or improve transport infrastructure and road traffic safety.

Representative of the European Commission Luis Boris said that Lithuania was among the first to prepare the Action Plan for the new financing period which encompasses investment from three EU funds. Naturally, compared with other EU member states, Lithuania has advanced in planning investment measures and project criteria. According to the representative, one of the main aspects of 2014-2020 EU cohesion policy is to ensure that EU investment brings real changes to Lithuania’s economy, social environment and has long-term benefits.

So far the Supervisory Committee has approved selection criteria of 256 projects financed from the EU funds. Institutions administering EU investments have coordinated 98 measures worth over EUR 4 billion, which is more than half of the total funds allocated for 2014-2020 Action Plan. Project implementers have already received nearly EUR 100 million from EU funds for 2014-2020.

Currently, the state institutions are preparing calls for proposals under approved measures and are composing lists of projects to be implemented.

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