Every third Lithuanian would prefer foreigner boss

“When back in early 2015 users of our portal voted on the most popular entrepreneur in the country, one of the most frequent reasons why the users voted for one or another person was because ‘he/she respects employees’ and ‘his/her leadership is stable’. While the latest poll shows that employees in Lithuania most often associate these qualities with chiefs from the West rather than with local Lithuanians. Therefore, they would gladly replace their boss with a westerner, provided that this does not affect their salary (although in companies led by westerners salaries are often bigger),” says Raimonda Tatarelytė, marketing director of cvmarket.lt.

Only 2.9 percent of those polled voted in favour of a Lithuanian boss. They said that a Lithuanian chief has a better understanding of the local business situation, is more trusting and their solutions are more original than those of a foreigner.

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