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Investopedia reports around 26% of the world’s population, represented by 2 billion people, are in the gaming industry. The number is a great source of income for gaming companies and a valuable data resource. An individual or company can identify the number of people playing at the best mobile online casinos and how much the casino industry contributes to the gaming world.

Other important data to identify include games or player peak points, Quitting timeline, Score Quality, Essential Game Results, and much more. Using the data provided after proper analysis can help optimize and improve the gaming industry, enhancing its revenue or providing a better gaming experience. 

  • What is game data analysis?
  • Useful Game Analytic Metrics
  • Mobile-Based Analytic Tools to Use
  • CleverTap

What is Game Data Analysis?

Game Data Analysis is “the act of observing and understanding what games are played, what the results will be, and how these games interfere with a person’s relationships.” A game, according to Berne, is “an ongoing series of ulterior transactions that lead to a predictable outcome.” The development of a gaming strategy to a scoring solution and a winning opportunity is a complex process. Understanding the gamers and other players online requires collecting, monitoring, and analysing gaming data. The process of defining and organising data into understandable information, companies can use to execute their strategies such as game development or monetisation is what many call Game Data Analysis. 

Useful Game Analytic Metrics 

Metrics indicate what to look out for when collecting game data. The aim is to correctly conduct and monitor these metrics to ensure collect data tracking methods. One of the advanced tracking metrics is “Install.” It is an installation tracking device that provides the number of installations your game or casino app gets in a specific period. It also shows the location where players are accessing your app or game software online. You can also keep track of game users in a day through “Daily Active User or DAU,” month through “Monthly Active Users or MAU,” and how long each player spent on your game through “Session Length.” 

If the aim is to improve game efficiency, essential metrics would be the game software or app loading time. You can use the “App Load Time” to avoid game drop-off and ensure better retention rates. Plus, you can check the game prices, including in-game features using the “Cost Per Unit” platform. It helps to identify their willingness to do so or not, and the average Transaction Value is a more advisable game data analysis tool or metric For a more comprehensive understanding of customers’ behaviour.

Mobile-Based Analytic Tools to Use 

Mobile phones only save time for gamers, improve gaming experiences through convenience, fast access, and comfortable gaming platforms. Mobile-based tracking tools help develop data that aids in lowering acquisition costs, enhancing player engagement levels in your game, and increasing purchases associated with the software or game. One such analytic tool is the Firebase. A Google-based analytic tool collects users’ data, compiles and shares it on its dashboard. Data users can use the free version of the analytic tool called “Spark Plan” or purchase other plans depending on their data needs. For instance, the Blaze plan allows users to acquire database and app storage and caters to other operational charges. Plus, you can use it across various mobile operating platforms such as iOS and Android.

But, the best in this section is App Analytics. The analytics tool by Apple provides crucial data for any app established and launched on Apple. If analyzing an Apple-based gaming platform, the App Analytics tool is free for use. Also, you get a free membership with the Apple Developer Program. The only catch is that the analytics tool is only for use with iOS operational devices. 


It is a ranking game analytic tool that combines engagement and behavioural analytics in a single platform. If you get a CleverTap analytics tool plan, you receive an all-one-platform, where you get all data and metrics desired to complete your analysis. Plus, the app is real-time in its data offerings. For instance, behavioural analytics are real-time, helping identify current customers and their patterns when using your game. Plus, you can also engage the users with a timely message and achieve the desired impact at the right moment in time. 

You can use CleverTap to create an Omnichannel customer experience like what Playtech provides in its gaming platform. The experience can help enhance player retention while ensuring a healthy gaming experience. Plus, each game’s design and engagement becomes user-specific, campaigns hit the right spot, or nerves for players create a hyper-drive. The only catch is that CleverTap is only available for top mobile brands that have over 100,000 monthly active users. Also, you can get a 14-day free trial before subscribing and purchasing a premium account! 


The Yahoo-based data analytic platform can help determine and collect data from gamers using mobile phones. Flurry launched back in 2008, and since then, it has helped third party companies on an anonymous representation to find and collect gaming data. You can review your app metrics and generate crucial reports, as shown on Flurry. According to YouTube, Flurry has provided services to over 250,000 companies, collected data from over a million apps, and connected to over 2 billion devices. indicates the platform functions include an easy way to track installations, sessions, time spent on your app or software and more. Flurry can help understand how your audience is and their targets when using your app. Plus, you can run a demand analysis anytime using real-time data!

Flurry services are available to customers without any limitations. Owners can export data from the analytic tool for enhanced or custom analysis. Plus, you can import the same data to your systems for further analysis. Thus, Flurry is a Shortcut you can employ to get quality data for free and without any conditions attached! the Director of PicCollage, Angela Ting, indicates that Flurry “allows us to measure and improve the app by providing fast and useful data and results.”


Game Data Analysis is a crucial function for the gaming industry and operating companies in the world. The Analytics tools are easy to integrate. Most have no commitments other than data provision and audience engagements. Plus, you can use the tools on various devices, including mobile phones, to track data from payers. Data collected can help improve and set performance measurements for your gaming app online!

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