Georgia’s ambassador in Vilnius: Russia is de facto annexing Abkhazia


“Signature of the so-called Agreement on Alliance and Strategic Partnership represents a further bold step of Russia towards de facto annexation of the region of Abkhazia,” the ambassador told BNS on Tuesday.

In her words, signing of the agreement means that Russia has once again grossly violated the principles of international law and the commitments undertaken in 2008.

“This so-called treaty is devoid of any legal basis and will therefore never be recognized by the international community. It is crystal clear that this move contradicts Georgia’s constructive approach and does not contribute to peaceful and lasting solution of the conflict in Georgia,” she said.

In response to the treaty, Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry earlier on Tuesday expressed “its firm support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders.” The ministry said it concurs to the EU’s official statement, which suggests that the so-called treaty “violates Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, contradicts principles of international law and the international commitments of the Russian Federation.”

The agreement with Georgia’s separatist Abkhazia region was on Monday signed by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Under the agreement, any attack of Abkhazia will be considered aggression against Russia, which would then provide military assistance.

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