Greenergy is already considering further expansion plans after opening the region’s largest data centre in Tallinn

The Greenergy Data Centre

The Greenergy Data Centres data centre in Tallinn, Estonia, which opened last week, is the first of three to be built on the same site but is already the largest in the region. Telecommunications and IT companies from Lithuania and Latvia and multinational corporations operating in all the Baltic States have already shown interest in the centre’s services, its representatives say.

“I am sure that now that we have officially opened the centre, many cooperation ideas will start to materialise. Our data centre is well connected to Lithuania and Latvia via fibre-optic networks, making it easy to use in Estonia. More broadly, these countries are quite close to each other, so we expect more and more interest from our Baltic neighbours,” says Urmo Kanger, sales director at Greenergy Data Centers.


According to Urmo Kanger, Greenergy Data Centers’ services will be most relevant for data-intensive and fast-growing businesses such as fintech, transport, e-services, Internet of Things (IoT), which depend on availability and a constant online presence, as well as for organisations with high-security requirements and a focus on sustainability. Furthermore, meeting the highest international standards, the centre is suitable for the public sector.  

Greenergy Data Centers Tallinn currently has one data centre building in Tallinn with an area of 14 500 square metres. Two more buildings of the same size are planned, bringing the total area to almost 45 000 square metres.


“We have designed our support infrastructure to be ready to accommodate our growth plans. For example, the total electricity capacity of the campus is 31.5 MW, which is enough to power a smaller city,” says Mr Kanger.

Urmo Kanger

In response to a question about competition in the market, he stresses the importance of cooperation.


“As we are an operator- and cloud-neutral data centre, we see our competitors more as potential cooperation partners. All colocation providers are welcome to host their servers on our premises and serve their customers. We are happy to say that many of them have already moved, and we have reason to believe that this trend will continue, as there is a shortage of high quality, large-scale data hosting facilities,” emphasises Urmo Kanger.

Green energy’s first goal was to launch a data centre in Estonia, which has already been done. However, further steps are also being considered. Further expansion plans have not yet been disclosed, but Lithuania has been mentioned as possible.


“The demand for data centre services is growing steadily every year. It is important to keep in mind that selecting a data centre location is time-consuming. We have to take more than 100 variables into account when deciding whether location X is suitable for another facility. But we are working on it,” says Urmo Kanger.

Greenergy Data Centres took more than five years to build from inception to opening. The cost of the centre was almost €40 million. The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund reportedly funded the centre’s establishment. All Baltic countries have also invested in the centre, which will contribute to the development of e-commerce in the Baltic States and the development of digital states.

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