How to Come to Happiness With Your Partner

Happy couple. By Carly Rae Hobbins. From Unsplash

Relationships are great, complicated and a bit nerve-racking. Sometimes it seems that you understand how they work, and your partner understands why you decided to play PlayAmo casino login one day. And again there are conflicts, quarrels, misunderstandings. We offer you easy tips to help come to happiness together.

Do Not Try to Look Perfect

It all starts with dating. It seems that the hair, makeup, new suit must be perfect. Then the insistent voice in your head gets louder and louder: “God, I look terrible… He definitely won’t like me. This relationship has no future!” Stop. Calm down. No one is perfect, and you shouldn’t look for perfection in others. Just be yourself, and you will charm with your sincerity.

Be in Shape for Yourself

Clinical psychologist Dean Delis told the story of a patient whose ex-husband persuaded her to increase her breasts. She wanted to please her lover so much that she agreed, although at first she was against it. The surgery briefly rekindled her husband’s interest, but then he left her anyway. It was a hard lesson to unlearn from over-indulgence.

Caring about appearance is a sign of emotional health and good self-esteem. But decorating yourself only for the sake of your partner, you become dependent on his opinion. There are new complexes that hurt self-esteem and do not help build healthy relationships.

Scary or Fun – Be Together

If you’ve been together for more than a year or two and you feel the passions have subsided, there’s a way to get the excitement back in the relationship. Do anything that speeds up your heartbeat together. Ride roller coasters, go camping, watch thrillers and horror movies, sing songs at your favorite band’s concert, argue about science or politics.

Attend events that make your heart beat faster, or have adventures together.

Ask Each Other Out on Dates

Just because you’re living together doesn’t mean you should stop dating. And even if this advice is banal, we advise you not to forget: at least once a week, make a date with each other. Plan in advance. Think of what restaurant, museum or park you will go to. Tune in. Think back to your first date – let it be just as exciting. And gradually romance will become your pleasant habit.

Learn to Accept

Mature relationships are a complicated journey from sweet romantic love to accepting the person you love and their imperfections.

This is the difference between love and attraction: you are attracted because of something, you love in spite of something.

When you are first in love, you are fascinated by the person you love. As time passes, the feeling changes. Perhaps what you liked in the loved one – his courage, sense of humor, a loud laugh or modesty – is also attractive. But you began to notice and weaknesses – annoying shortcomings that are terribly annoying. Learn to accept the person in spite of their shortcomings, respect them and do not seek to remake.

Do Not Quench the Conflict – Manage It

Disappointing at once: perfect unions without quarrels is a fiction and fairy tales. Everything in the world happens according to the principle of entropy: any system naturally tends to chaos. And in a relationship, as in any other process, something will always fail. You will argue and disagree with each other. Slam the door angrily, feel frustrated and don’t understand your partner. Conflicts are normal and natural.

Don’t avoid arguments. Don’t keep quiet if something is bothering you. Conflict can be constructive. Make it constructive, and it will be a huge step forward. You will understand each other better and love even more deeply.

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