How to Start Living With Your Partner: 6 Easy Tips

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This is the moment many lovers wait for with bated breath. The first night in the house together, the first breakfast cooked together, the first time playing with your partner at, the first trips to the grocery store together. For a couple just starting a life together, every little detail and care seems like the most precious time.

Have Personal Space

No matter how stupid it may seem at the beginning of the idea of a personal space for blissful moments of rest from each other, to think about the fact that everyone, if necessary, had his own quiet corner, worth since the early days of life together. Let’s face it, because we all have our own quirks and bad habits, and so it is very important to immediately indicate their personal boundaries – many psychologists call it the key to a long and strong relationship.

Talk About Guests

A party with friends sounds fun, but only until that party is thrown by one person. Without the other person knowing. To avoid situations like this, talk about guests beforehand. Who, when, and how often they can come to your house. If it seems strange at first, then believe me, later you will be glad that you established some rules with your partner.

Compromise Is Inevitable

He wants to put a ping-pong table in the middle of the living room, and you just have to put an expensive cashmere bedspread. The first days and weeks of life together will inevitably require compromises in everyday little things – and again, the ability to find this compromise will immediately determine the immediate prospects of the relationship.

Handle Your Finances and Bills  

We are all used to planning our expenses. So that there are no unforeseen, it is better to immediately discuss with your partner, who and for what in your couple pays. And do not be afraid to tell him about any financial difficulties, if there are any. It’s better to warn your partner about a small salary or a pending debt in advance. Because he, too, needs to understand how this will affect your overall budget. 

Division of Responsibilities

Daily life together inexorably obscures romance with a veil of pressing problems and everyday little things that add up to a good half of the day. It is believed that the sooner in the early days of life together a couple determines each other’s responsibilities at home, the easier it will be not to notice these things, much less let them interfere in the relationship. Some girls are so inherently naive about moving into their partner’s apartment that they are willing to take on the cleaning, laundry, cooking, and trash removal. Until one day they discover that this is all they are doing from morning till night, while their beloved is lying on the couch and relaxing. That’s why it’s important from the start to define household chores so that everyone has their own area of responsibility and a clear understanding of each other’s role.

You Are Equal

The main rule of starting to live together is to talk openly about everything, including your own insecurities and dissatisfaction, even if it concerns the little things in life. Honesty and openness in the relationship is the salvation from miscommunication and strife and brings the couple even closer together. It is very important from the very beginning not to doubt yourself and your partner, not afraid to admit their own and his weaknesses and shortcomings, not to hold a grudge and share everything that worries you. Mutual respect is born in conversations as equals, which lays the foundation for a lasting relationship for years to come.

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