Interesting facts about Lithuania

Lithuanians singing the National Hym at Arc de Triomphe in Paris Photo © Ludo Segers @ The Lithuania Tribune

Lithuania is a small but very proud nation, filled with unique places worth visiting: beautiful nature and historic architecture. Throughout the years, it has transformed into a European gem among tourism hotspots. Lithuania’s history is full of traditions and customs. Here are some facts that are particular about this beautiful country.


The most popular sport in Lithuania is Basketball. Therefore it is an integral part of the culture. Some people even go to the extent of saying that it feels more like a second religion than just a simple game. Ever since the country won gold in the 1937 EuroBasket, basketball became its number one sport and stayed on top ever since. Lithuanians take pride in the fact that the country’s team is constantly winning medals in major events such as the FIBA World Championship and the Olympic games. Even several Lithuanian basketball players have gone up to the NBA’s Hall of Fame.

It is no wonder that basketball is such an important part of the culture, mainly because the games are entertaining, keeping its fans on the edge of their seats whenever there is a game. The most exciting part of the matches is hoping that your favourite team ends up winning, so therefore, fans are using online sports betting to support their favourite teams.

The language

Lithuania’s national language is Lithuanian; however, you can easily find persons who speak English or Russian. Languages like Greek, Latin, German, Celtic, and Slavic are some of the world’s oldest languages. Still, the Lithuanian tongue is even older, making it the most ancient one of them all. Therefore, out of all the languages spoken today, Lithuanian is the closest one to the ancient Sanskrit.

Picturesque Landscapes

Lithuania has breathtaking landscapes, flatlands, abundant forests and lakes. The seaside is stunning and popular amongst tourists, because of its sandy beaches where amber can be found. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Curonian Spit with its impressive images and dunes. Nature is essential for Lithuania, and the population here tries its best to cherish it; there are many national parks and landscape reserves worth visiting.

Fun Easter Traditions

As we approach Easter, it is only appropriate to mention the uncommon Easter traditions of Lithuanians. In this narrative of Easter traditions, the bunnies’ job of bringing the eggs belongs to the Easter Granny (“Velykų Bobute”). Bunnies are grandma’s helpers, and their job is to paint the eggs and load them on a little cart pulled by a pony. Easter Granny delivers the painted eggs to all good children, whereas the bad children only received a single, plain white egg. Children always prepare for the Easter Granny by leaving empty handmade egg nests outside their homes in gardens and shrubs. On Easter morning, they wake up early to search for their hidden, painted egg treasures.

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