Is radiation a danger after accident at Belarus nuclear plant?

Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant
Reuters / Scanpix

The Lithuanian State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate has said that there is no information that a possible incident at the Astravyets nuclear power plant that is being constructed in Belarus just 50km from Lithuania‘s capital has created a risk of radiation exposure.

Belarusian media has reported that allegedly in mid-April a construction piling built between reactors collapsed. According to the head of Lithuanian inspectorate Michail Demčenko, the available information shows that the incident was of a technical nature.

“There was a certain construction incident. There has been no nuclear incident so far, which would be linked to the future operations of the nuclear power plant. There cannot and should not be any radiation hazard.

“In the worst case scenario, it was an incident with the building materials. This casts a shadow on the quality of construction works. One can raise the question of whether the construction at the Astravyets nuclear plant is safe and how this can affect the safety of the power plant,” said Demčenko.

Representatives of the nuclear power plant denied the information about the incident at the plant.
The power plant spokesman said that the information is disseminated rumours and that construction of the power plant is overseen by dozens of inspections.

The Belarusian Embassy in Vilnius has also said to have had no information about a possible incident.


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