IT firm Baltic Amadeus receives German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce award

Baltic Amadeus accepting the award. Photo by Vincas Alesius, AHK Baltic States

“What impressed me most is the fact that Baltic Amadeus has been in business since 1988, and in so young a field and a country that regained independence only in 1990,” AHK president Thomas Schöllkopf was quoted in a press release. “In spite of all that, the company adapted well to the industry conditions, kept expanding and strengthening its international competitiveness. This is evident not just in the quality of the product, but also in communication with clients and employees.”

According to Schöllkopf, 17 strong applications were submitted for the award from companies in industries ranging from laser technology and mineral water distribution to natural cosmetics. It was Baltic Amadeus’ export strategy and innovative corporate philosophy that helped win over the award commission, he said.

The award commission, made up of entrepreneurs and politicians from Germany and Lithuania, visited six short-listed companies, looking especially into how they meet this year’s nomination, “Success in New Markets”.

During the ceremony, held in the Small Theatre of Vilnius, Baltic Amadeus accepted a check of 5,000 euros from the patron of the event, German Ambassador to Lithuania Jutta Schmitz.

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