It is not love: top 5 “romantic” acts that should alert you

Happy couple. By Carly Rae Hobbins. From Unsplash

When talking about red flags at the beginning of a relationship, people tend to think of clear signs that indicate a problem – open aggression, flirting with other people, rudeness, and so on. However, not only these symptoms can signify possible difficulties – sometimes those actions that you take for sincere care and attention are the main markers of the upcoming collapse of the relationship. So, let’s figure out what romantic gestures should alert you.

  1. Passionate confessions and affectionate nicknames

We all like declarations of love and cute words specially invented for us, but the appearance of such closeness between two people takes some time, during which the partners can get to know each other better. And if a man calls you “baby” or “bunny” literally from the first meeting, the question arises: does he remember your name at all?

Declarations of love look just as strange when you are only at the first stage of romantic relationships. It is likely that the guy is used to talking idly and does not attribute any importance to his words – he treats you frivolously or wants to quickly get what he wants, guided by the stereotype that a woman “loves with her ears.”

  1. Endless messages 

Of course, it’s nice to receive a message from a loved one or a warm greeting in the morning. But sometimes a man tries to take control of you or can be so unassured that starts sending you too many messages throughout the day. Thus, you get the impression that he has absolutely nothing to do except to be interested in you and your life: what you are wearing, what you have eaten for breakfast, what you are doing, and so on. This happens especially often when men chat with single women online. To some ladies, such behavior seems really sweet, but to others, it turns out to be incredibly annoying and violating personal boundaries, therefore, serves as a good reason to say goodbye to the unlucky gentleman.

  1. Hints of marriage, cohabitation, children

At the same time, you have known each other for only a couple of months and have not even had time to find out any important information about a new partner. If a man says what, in his opinion, any girl wants to hear, but does not think about the appropriateness of such words, it means he has certain plans for you, which hardly include marriage and living together. Most likely, this is a typical pick-up artist who has no other options to get what he wants. In any case, such behavior of a little-known man should alert you.

  1. They are too active on social media

Having barely met you, a man changes his status on social networks, posts your shared photos, marks you on each of them, and offers to start a profile page together. Such vigorous activity arouses suspicion – either this person is so fixed on new relationships that cannot control himself, or he is trying to control you, which will ultimately lead to the development of toxic communication. One way or another, such behavior definitely deserves consideration.

  1. Lack of private life

Just imagine: you meet a man who has friends, hobbies, work, but as soon as you begin to communicate more closely, all of the above disappears as if by magic. Now, you are the meaning of his life, and the man does not hesitate to tell you about it regularly, hinting that you also should give up everything for the sake of him. On the one hand, such immersion in the personality of a potential partner may look like true love, but on the other hand, such behavior is typical of an abuser, for whom it is extremely important to deprive the victim of their own life, hobbies, work, and friends in order to take advantage of their loneliness at a convenient moment.

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