Latvian newspaper uncovers mercenary recruitment point in Klaipėda

K. Cemnolonskio nuotr.

The reporter posing as a volunteer found the recruiter’s contact details on social networks. The contact person, who promised to take care of documents and transportation, was to be met at Klaipėda Coach Station. The agreement for a one-year military service had to be signed in Klaipėda, too. The offered salary was 2,500 US dollars per month.

The recruiters said: “There are guys from the Baltics who get paid even five thousand dollars, not even the European bureaucrats get such salaries.”

According to the recruiters, there are around seven guys from Latvia fighting in the hot points. Besides pay, the fighters are entitled to vacations. The recruiters promise that Latvians who successfully conclude their service can expect various privileges, like a two-room flat in a modern apartment building by the Black Sea. The recruiters said that “Russia always takes care of and defends its war veterans. The developing of Novorossiya will need loyal police and military structures and retired war veterans are guaranteed a decent life, they will not be abandoned.”

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