Lithuania announces national sanctions against Russia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“A few days ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (…) initiated the procedure with regard to several citizens of the Russian Federation,” the high-ranking diplomat told Vilnius journalists on Tuesday.

“This kind of measures have to do with the highly-tense current international context, the conflict in Ukraine and the aggressive propaganda and brainwashing campaign carried out by Russia to achieve its goals in the conflict,” Krivas added.


He refused to specify the names, saying this is prohibited by law, but added that the step is in part taken in solidarity with the neighboring Latvia, which has recently blacklisted pop music performers Oleg Gazmanov, Josif Kobzon and Ala Perfilova (Valeria). All three performers intended to participate in the annual pop music festival New Wave organized in the seaside resort of Jurmala by Russian producers.

“The Latvian case is, in a certain sense, an exception, considering the traditional events and festivals. On the other hand, we understand the concerns of our friends and allies in Latvia, we understand the motivation and we demonstrate our solidarity in the bilateral context and the European Union context as much as possible,” said the vice-minister.


In Krivas’ words, the procedure is yet to be finished, it “usually takes up to a week or two”.

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