Lithuania expresses support for Iraq’s new government

A united and democratic Iraq within the internationally recognised borders, with a viable, inclusive and representative government where the interests of all social, political, religious and ethnic groups of the society are taken into account, is the only antidote to the spread of murderous radical extremism, which is threatening the very existence of Iraq, stated the Lithuanian representative at the meeting.

Speaking about the threats posed by radical extremism, first and foremost, by the threats posed by terrorist groups ISIL Murmokaitė underlined that not a single ethnic or religious minority could be safe in the territories occupied by ISIL. The Yezidis, Shabak, and also Christian minorities who have been part and parcel of Iraq’s unique heritage are persecuted, forced to convert, and brutally executed. The Lithuanian representative drew attention to the fact that it was against this horrific background of ISIL murderous onslaught that the new government of Iraq must tackle the multiple challenges facing the country today. It was especially important to counter ISIL’s operations and recruitment machinery within Iraq. The international community must act as one to tackle the spread of radical extremism and the likes of ISIL.

She also welcomed the initiative of the United States of America to hold a special high level meeting of the UN Security Council on the matters of foreign fighters-terrorists next week.

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