Lithuania first in Europe to fine people for selling energy drinks to minors

Supermarkets say attempts by the under-age to buy such drinks still do happen but they are getting less and less frequent.

Ramūnas Matonis, spokesman for Lithuania’s police, told BNS nine people have been fined for selling energy drinks to persons under 18 and two people received fines for buying and later giving such drinks to children.

Representatives of major supermarkets in Lithuania told BNS cashiers were automatically reminded to ask for an ID before selling energy drinks to young people.

“The number of such incidents varies depending on a shop. Sometimes minors ask older youths to buy energy drinks for them. Our security staff respond. Sometimes we have to call the police but in most cases a warning is sufficient,” Renata Saulytė, spokeswoman for Maxima LT, told BNS.

Silvija Jakienė of Palink, the owner of the Iki chain, told BNS “there have been cases when minors tried to buy energy drinks but they are very seldom and no misunderstanding take place”.

Meanwhile Giedre Bielskytė, spokeswoman for Rimi Lietuva, told BNS she had no information on such cases.

In Lithuania, people face fines of EUR 58-116 for selling energy drinks to minors.

The ban came into force on November 1 last year.

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