Lithuania imposes stricter rules for arrivals from Luxembourg, Netherlands & Finland

Covid-19. Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

If you’re travelling from Luxembourg, Netherlands or Finland, you will be subjected to entry rules which are stricter when you’re planning to travel to Lithuania starting from October 18, as the Ministry of Health has confirmed to the public.

This means that people from the countries mentioned above planning to enter the Baltic State will be required to follow a ten-day quarantine requirement from which they have to be tested negative for the Covid-19 PCR test, not less than 72 hours before their departure, according to casino australia.


This new requirement was introduced after these territories were removed from the orange list, which is a list mentioning the medium-risk countries, in terms of the pandemic, to the red list, which includes a list of countries highly affected by the Coronavirus.

The Ministry went on to claim that Italy and Greece’s islands of Rhodes and Santorini have been moved from the red to the yellow category. These changes happened when it was confirmed that these territories underwent a decrease in the number of Covid-19 infections.


Lithuania’s Ministry of Health also confirmed, in the announcement, that the Portuguese island of Madeira has been moved from the yellow to the green list, which is a list that includes countries acknowledged safe based on their epidemiological situations.

Lithuania’s government also acknowledge that all passengers that were able to complete their immunization process against the Coronavirus, as well as those who have been able to recover from the infection, are not obliged to follow the entry rules, along with those who have a valid EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate.


The statement from Lithuania’s Ministry of Health read via best payout online casino nz: “Unvaccinated travellers and those who have not recovered from the virus, which is included in the red list, are obliged to follow testing and quarantine rules upon their arrival. Those reaching the country from territories included in the yellow list must take a COVID-19 test before the trip and repeat it after their arrival. However, they are not obliged to follow ten-day mandatory quarantine rules.”

They also confirm that the passengers from countries listed in the green categories are only required to complete NVSC as well the completion of the Covid-19 test before their arrival.


Just like every other country, the authorities in Lithuania will continue to categorize territories into red, yellow and green categories according to the epidemiological situations happening in them, in a bid to prevent an increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in the country.

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