Lithuania issues most residency permits to Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians

In 2013, 4,601 residency permits to non-EU citizens were issued in Lithuania, including 1,300 (28.6 percent) to Russian citizens, 978 (21.3 percent) Belarusian citizens and 873 (19 percent) Ukrainian citizens.

Among EU members, Lithuania issued the highest number of residence permits for employment purposes – 61.3 percent of all residence permits issued in the country.

21.5 percent of non-EU citizens were issued residence permits for family reasons and 13.2 percent for education reasons. 4.1 percent of residence permits were issued in Lithuania for other reasons.

A residence permit means any authorization valid for at least 3 months issued by the authorities of a member state allowing a non-EU citizen to stay legally on its territory.

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