Lithuania makes significant progress in fighting corruption

DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

The number of business representatives in Lithuania who believe that bribery and insider contacts are the easiest way to access certain public services fell from 83 percent in 2013 to 75 percent in 2015.

Asked whether they agreed that the only way to run a successful business was to have political contacts, 43 percent of business representatives in Lithuania said yes (the EU’s average stand at 44 percent). However, two year ago, the share of Lithuanian businesses of this opinion was as high as 60 percent.


Only 28 percent of those polled believe that corruption is a problem for developing a business, while the EU’s average is 40 percent.

Lithuania’s rating in terms of corruption extent in the country has improved significantly. Eighty-two percent of the polled said that corruption was widespread in the country, which is a 7-percent decrease compared with a similar study from 2013.


The Eurobarometer’s study Businesses’ Attitudes towards Corruption in the EU has been ordered by the European Commission and conducted from September to October 2015. More than 8,000 business representatives from all 28 member states were polled.

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