Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine to quit diplomatic service

Petras Vaitiekūnas
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine was the only high-ranking EU diplomat in the Crimean Peninsula when it was annexed by Russia. It was unofficially noted that the concept of resistance against the invaders, proposed by Vaitiekūnas to the Ukrainian government and various pro-Ukrainian Crimean communities, was a right one.

Vaitiekūnas sought to convince partners in Ukraine that if the country opposed the invaders in Crimea without using force, then the issue of annexation would be transferred to the international level. Whereas had the Ukrainians used force in Crimea, the conflict would have become a bilateral problem between Russia and Ukraine, which would have ended in Russia’s victory due to unequal powers, while the West could only observe the process without trying to solve it, reports

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