Donald Trump
European Union

Central, Eastern European politicians urge Trump to stop concessions to Russia

Central and Eastern European politicians have urged United States President-Elect Donald Trump to stop making concessions to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as he could view the steps as weaknesses and undertake provocations against the Baltic states and Poland. […]

Petras Vaitiekūnas

Lithuanian PM appoints former foreign minister as adviser

Lithuania’s former foreign minister, diplomat Petras Vaitiekūnas, will serve as adviser to Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius on voluntary basis. […]

Petras Vaitiekūnas
Foreign affairs

Former Lithuanian ambassador: We must stop Kremlin in Ukraine

Foreign countries must help Ukraine stop Russia and not allow the ongoing conflict to expand, former Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine Petras Vaitiekūnas said after being awarded a medal for merits to the Lithuanian diplomatic service on Monday. […]

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Foreign affairs

Group of Ukrainian kids to spend autumn break in Lithuania

A group of Ukrainian school students will spend the upcoming autumn holidays in Lithuania. […]