Lithuanian ambassador: What happened in Turkey was unlawful intrusion into state governing


“Until court procedures begin, there is nothing we can say for sure. Information is scarce. European Union representatives insist that everything must be carried out according to the law and not in revenge,” Bruzga told the LRT programme “Aktualus Interviu”.

Some experts argue that what happened in Turkey last weekend was not a military coup. Ambassador Bruzga says, however, that whatever the name, “it was an unlawful intrusion into the governing of the state”.


Bruzga says that changes in Turkey have been going on for some time, but the pace accelerated after the failed coup.

Some believe that Fethullah Gulen, former comrade of the Turkish president who currently resides in the United States, was behind the attempted coup.


“If Turkey presents convincing evidence, the US will consider the possibility of extraditing Gulen, it’s something that the US state secretary has stated.

“Even though there’s much talk about Gulen’s influence and Gulenism, it is not very tangible. Where are the Gulenists? Who are they? Even prosecutors have been accused of complicity. They are the ones persecuted now,” Bruzga told LRT.

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