Lithuanian defence minister says there are other alternatives to German G36 rifles

According to the minister, Heckler & Koch rifles have been in use by the Lithuanian Armed Forces for 10 years and are highly appreciated by soldiers. The Ministry of National Defence will wait for the German experts to produce their findings on the accuracy of the G36 rifle before deciding on further purchases. Olekas added that there are other alternatives to the G36 rifle.

“Of course the supply is wider, it is not the only weapon on the market,” said the minister of national defence.


After doubts have been raised in Germany regarding the reliability of G36, Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence temporarily halted new purchases of this rifle. The German media reported that the German Armed Forces experienced issues with the rifle in Afghanistan – G36 faced severe accuracy problems when it overheated after being fired on full auto.

Up to now, the Lithuanian Armed Forces has purchased G36 rifles for approximately EUR 12.8 million. This year the military planned to buy more of these rifles.

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