Lithuanian Defence Ministry proposes raising number of professional troops next year

According to the draft resolution registered by the ministry, the total marginal number of troops in the defence system should be between 17,390 and 20,760 in 2016, as compared to the current provision of 16,840-21,960.

As compared to 2015, the biggest increase is proposed in the number of professional soldiers – the bottom margin would be raised by 1,250 troops, i.e., the total lowest number would be 9,050. The top margin would grow by 1,300 to 10,100 soldiers.


The marginal number of professional troops is being increased in an effort to settle the assembly problems in the Lithuanian army‘s combat units and achieve that the personnel of combat units is complete by 2021 – the planned marginal number of professional troops should then range between 14,000 and 19,000 soldiers. The steps are also aimed at improving the training of the reserve and supplement the reserve with well-trained professionals.

The army’s military capacities are being stepped up and the conscription system was reintroduced in response to the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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