Lithuanian energy minister discusses energy import from USA

Rokas Masiulis
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“Lithuania and Europe need reliable suppliers of energy resources. If the US became an exporter of oil and gas, it would change the situation in our region which is still dominated by Russia. This would be a clear signal that the rules of the game have changed irreversibly,” noted Lithuania’s energy minister.

According to Murkowski, Lithuania’s energy independence history and achievements presented by the minister should inspire US politicians to make the right decisions regarding American oil export to global markets. The senator said the US has plenty of energy resources which it could share with its allies in Europe. Furthermore, she invited Lithuania to continue striving for energy security.

At the moment the Senate’s committees are considering lifting the ban on oil exports.

The Lithuanian energy minister will complete his visit to the US on 2 October. The goal of the visit is to enhance bilateral cooperation between Lithuania and the US in the area of energy, to share experience as regards energy security and implementation of strategic energy projects.

On Wednesday Masiulis delivered a report at Georgetown University about Lithuania’s leadership in the European Energy Security Policy. On Monday the minister attended a conference Managing National Security in Central and Eastern Europe hosted by Harvard University, where he introduced Lithuania’s energy security problems and achievements.

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