Lithuanian freedom defenders call for supporting Ukraine

Such a resolution was adopted by a meeting of freedom defenders, as are called the people who participated in defence efforts against Soviet troops in January 1991. Lithuania commemorates the 14th anniversary of the attempted bloody coup on Tuesday.

The resolution, adopted on Monday, states that Ukraine’s objective to get closer to the European Union angered Russia and sparked its aggressive military reaction, leading to the occupation and annexation of part of Ukraine’s territory.

According to the resolution, having launched talks with Ukraine, the EU failed to take into account Russia’s geopolitical ambitions and the threat posed by the country, therefore, Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine caught Western countries unprepared to lend the attacked country effective diplomatic and military assistance.

The resolution also states that foreign countries have so far been hesitant to provide necessary assistance in the form of weaponry to Ukraine, and Lithuanian politicians and diplomats are being invited to join their efforts to help Ukraine, defending its sovereignty, and do everything in their power for the existing Western sanctions and other measures of pressure against Russia not to be softened or lifted until Russia withdraws its army from the whole occupied territory of Ukraine and “unconditionally recognizes its right to freely choose a geopolitical direction”.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure Lithuania’s defence, the resolution suggests restoring conscription or “create an alternative system of military training of citizens, ensuring that every citizen capable of defending the country receives basic military skills and knows their actions and their place in the defence system”.

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