Lithuanian government says it support Ukrainian military within its means

Linkevičius said after a government meeting on Wednesday that Ukraine needed full financial, political, economic and military support.

“We have not specified what kind of weapons these are. A helmet is not a weapon. But it is support to the armed forces based on our capabilities,” responded Linkevičius when asked what sort of equipment Lithuania is sending to Ukraine.


According to the foreign minister, supply of military equipment to another state is not regulated by any rules and every country decides over providing military support.

“It is not prohibited. On the other hand, there is no encouragement either as it is a national position of every country. The same applies to other conflicts. Similar practice is not any news in this regard. What is new is that countries that constantly provide military support [to a warring party] deny doing so, and I have in mind Russia,” the minister said.


Lithuania and Ukraine agreed on supply of certain armament items last November, but it has not been revealed what items these are.

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