Lithuanian MEP appeals to EC saying Nord Stream 2 violates EU law

“Starting new projects with Gazprom is utterly incomprehensible today, when Ukraine’s occupation continues and sanctions imposed by the EU are in effect, while the European Commission (EC) has brought allegations against Gazprom due to abuse of dominant position in the market. Not only does the Nord Stream 2 project contradict the EU’s energy policy objectives, but it possibly violates the EU’s legislation. The European Commission should take the initiative to suspend the project as was done with South Stream,” MEP Landsbergis said.

According to the MEP, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed an indifferent position at the European Parliament on Wednesday, stating that this is just a commercial project and the government does not intend to get involved. Landsbergis says such position is short-sighted, goes against the stance of the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine and does not meet the EU’s spirit of solidarity. Meanwhile, if the EU is following the principle of solidarity, then it must not be selective.

“The Nord Stream 2 project cannot be regarded only as a commercial project because current Russian government has long used energy policy as a tool of political pressure, whereas pricing is used to affect domestic policies of other countries or even to destabilise the situation,” emphasised MEP Landsbergis.

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