Lithuanian organization among European Enterprise Promotion Award winners

Lithuania's App Camp was recognized for its project Mobile Apps Laboratories. Photo courtesy of SME Assembly

The Grand Jury Prize winner came from Hungary. The project, Encouraging Business Start-ups by Mothers with Young Children, helps mothers to acquire the entrepreneurial skills and mind-set needed to start a business and run it successfully.

In Hungary, half of mothers with small children are not able to return to their job at the end of their maternity leave and employment of mothers with children under three is well below the EU average. Encouraging Business Start-ups by Mothers with Young Children is a project that helps mothers to acquire the entrepreneurial skills and mind-set to start a business and make it profitable.

Since 2010, The Mother Company of the Year competition has allowed 443 mothers of young children to present their businesses whilst the Business Mums’ Conference brings together mothers who are interested in business with those who are already entrepreneurs.

Six other projects from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany were recognised for their work on simplifying business creation, promoting business start-ups and fostering entrepreneurial spirit. Projects from the UK, Austria and Portugal also received Special Mentions from the EEPA jury. The Awards ceremony took place on Thursday in Naples, Italy, as part of the SME Assembly, the focus of European SME Week.

The Lithuanian entry, Mobile Apps Laboratories, is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in information and communication technologies. Working in the four biggest Lithuanian education institutions, Mobile Apps Laboratories bring together young people with academics and industry professionals to deliver ‘App Camp’ during their bachelor, master or PhD dissertation studies, with the objective of bringing innovative new products and services to the market. It also aims to increase the number of women starting businesses in information technology.

Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, said: “The winners of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards are shining examples of organisations which promote small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurship across Europe. It is projects such as these which help Europeans believe in entrepreneurship as a viable career option. I am delighted to see projects like these EEPA winners working so hard for the future entrepreneurs of Europe. The Commission is backing these efforts through the entrepreneurship action plan: we aim to encourage many more Europeans to become their own boss.”

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