Lithuanian police crack child pornography distribution network

“We are conducting about 30 investigations, suspicions were brought against 12 individuals. Today we can say with certainty that the number of suspects will increase,” Andžėjus Roginskis, deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation Bureau at the Lithuanian Police Department, told a news conference on Friday.

In his words, the probe was opened on September 9, with operations conducted in all counties of Lithuania.


“Some of the children have been identified, they are not from Lithuania,” said Donatas Mažeika, the head of the department’s Board for Electronic Crimes.

The operation was conducted in cooperation with the Europol and US officers. The police said all of the suspects were Lithuanian citizens.


Additional searches are currently in progress to establish whether the children were subjected to abuse in Lithuania or whether the country was just used for distribution purposes. According to the police, the suspects were downloading pornographic content and distributed it among other users.

Under Lithuania’s Criminal Code, distribution of pornographic content involving underage individuals carries a sentence of up to five years in prison.

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