Lithuanian snatches first iPhone 6s in New York

According to Tech Insider, it was Lithuanian Justina Sičiūnaitė who was the first to walk out of the Apple store on New York’s 5th Avenue with the new iPhone 6s in her hands.

The girl from Vilnius picked the rose gold model of the phone.


Sičiūnaitė said she had arrived at the Apple store in New York at 2 AM on Friday and had not expected to be the first owner of the latest update to Apple’s signature product.

As she was leaving the store, Apple employees started chanting “Open it! Open it!” She obliged and started to open the box to reveal her new iPhone. One employee then warned the Lithuanian not to drop it, as it happened in 2014 when the first person to buy the iPhone 6 dropped the phone while opening the packaging.

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