Lithuanian TVs carve up bigger pie as national broadcaster leaves advertising market

“The first half of this year was good for us. Following LRT’s withdrawal from the advertising market, commercial TV broadcasters are carving up a larger pie, but not all of it goes to TV stations,” Zita Sarakienė, CEO of LNK, told the business daily.

She forecasts that the advertising market will grow 2-3 percent this year.

Tomas Bassus, an analyst with the media planning agency Inspired UM, says that LRT and the euro are the key factors that influenced the TV industry’s results this year.

It was thought that TV3 and LNK would take the biggest pieces of the pie, but the first half of the year shows that it was smaller channels, BTV and Info TV, that saw the largest increases in advertising seconds, at 52.2 percent and 75.9 percent, respectively, he said.

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