Lithuanians continue to volunteer for military service – ministry

According to figures provided by the ministry to BNS, just over 2,400 young people have applied to be enlisted even though they were not on the draftee lists and around 600 of them have already started their military service.

Another 2,300 people asked to be moved up this year’s lists and almost 500 of them are already serving in their units.

A total of 3,500 people are to be called up for a nine-month military service this year.

The ministry expects that all of them will serve voluntarily.

Lithuania reintroduced partial military conscription in 2015 in response to Russia‘s actions in Ukraine and the Baltic Sea region.

Since then, all those enlisted for the service have done so on a voluntary basis.

The government is likely to table proposals at the end of the year to introduce universal military conscription in Lithuania.

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