Lithuanians spend less on food than Latvians or Estonians

Head of the Institute of Private Finances, Odeta Bloziene, said that the amount of money spent on food by a family of two adults and two minors remained the biggest in Riga. On the other hand, in the last year expenses on food of Latvian and Estonian households decreased by 6 percent, or by around EUR 20. Meanwhile in Lithuania the amount changed insignificantly.

Similarly as in 2014 protein foods – meat, fish, beans and nuts – account for the greatest share of the total expenses on food. Estonians spend the most on protein foods – 40 percent of the total expenses on food, while Latvians and Lithuanians – 36 percent. In the capitals of all three Baltic States expenses on bread and cereal products constituted one third of the total expenses on food.

Comparing expenses on commodities in the Baltic States, Lithuanians and Latvians spend the biggest share of their income on food. A family of four people spends approximately 23 percent of income on food in Lithuania and Latvia, while in Estonia the figure stands at 15 percent. The difference is caused by larger average wage in Tallinn.

Net income of families grew in all Baltic States in 2014, by 9.4 percent in Tallinn, 7.7 percent in Riga and 4 percent in Vilnius.

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