Lithuania’s 2050 transport and communications vision presented

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In order to provide optimum long-term directions and priorities for the development of the sector, the Ministry of Transport and Communications initiates the strategy for the development of Lithuanian transport and communications until 2050.

Various possible scenarios for the development will be modelled when creating the strategy, the good experience of foreign countries will be analyzed, and the long-term recommendations of international organizations in the field of transport and communications will be taken into account, Ministry of Transport and Communication reported.

“Long-term vision of communication is a very important document for the successful development of Lithuanian transport sector. This will allow us to foresee the most important development directions until 2050, to plan activities and investments purposefully and to seek state-beneficial changes”, – says Rokas Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications.

Vision for all transport sector

According to the Minister, all the companies under the Ministry of transport and communications already have their long-term development plans. However, a common strategy for the whole transport sector will ensure a better cooperation between different transport branches, intermodality and consistent development across the sector. In addition, the long-term guidelines will allow both municipalities and the private sector to plan their investments more consistently.

At the moment, the public procurement for the preparation of the strategy project for Lithuania’s communication development until 2050 and for related expert advisory services is announced. The service provider will have to develop a long-term strategy by evaluating the good experience of foreign countries and international organizations (OECD, WEF, WB, UN, etc.) in the field of preparation of long-term transport strategies, taking into account the Lithuanian transport sector strategic planning documents and prospective trends in the development of the transport sector, as well as the proposals of social partners of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Six possible scenarios

The organiser of the strategy will have to prepare at least 6 possible scenarios of the development of Lithuanian transport and communications until 2050, corresponding to international trends and problematics of the Lithuanian transport sector. These alternative future scenarios will be assessed by performing the modeling of scenarios for the development of the Lithuanian transport and communications sector.

Based on the results of the scenarios for the development modeling, a specific plan for strategy actions until 2030 will have to be prepared, priority projects envisaged, as well as their preliminary implementation periods and project supervision across the sector. Preliminary investment needs and alternatives to funding sources will also be planned.

In 2020 the country plans to have an ambitious long-term strategy for the transport sector, corresponding to the requirements of the European Union and the basic principles of the EU.

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