Lithuania’s focus ,readiness will deter aggressor – President Grybauskaitė

Dalia Grybauskaitė at Pabradė during the Iron Sword 2014
LRPK / Robertas Dačkus

Grybauskaitė emphasized to talk about active unarmed participation of the public in the country’s defence, adding that every citizen can make a different contribution, i.e., from resisting propaganda and strengthening the cyber space to organizing transport and support.

“Our focus and readiness to deter the aggression is the most efficient deterrence. This is a signal to anyone who may attempt to infringe upon our sovereignty or breach our freedom. It is a message to every aggressor – this is our home and we will defend it,” said the president.

In her words, the war in Ukraine, just like any other war, claims human lives and destroys lives, and “the only difference is that is being concealed, still denied and being camouflaged with propaganda.”
“Such war is a choice of those who fear raising their flag in a battle field, those who are ashamed of removing their masks, those who have no argumentation behind their intentions,” Grybauskaitė said with reference to the Russian support to the pro-Russian separatists.

During the international conference organized by the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union in Vilnius on Friday, Lithuanian and foreign experts discuss civil defence and readiness to deter unconventional threats.

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