Lithuania’s Šiaulių Bankas acquires Bank Finasta

Šiaulių Bankas
DELFI (R.Achmedovo nuotr.)

In settlement for the shares, as foreseen in the agreement, Šiaulių Bankas presented 21.35 million new shares with a total nominal value of EUR 6.19 million to AB Invalda INVL for subscription.

After the increase, Šiaulių Bankas’ authorized capital will be EUR 91.226,381.99, it will be comprised of 314,573,731 ordinary registered share with a par value of EUR 0.29 each.

The new issue will be registered and AB Invalda INVL will obtain ownership rights to the shares of the new issue only after permission is received from the Bank of Lithuania, as the Šiaulių Bankas’ supervisory institution, for the amendment of the bank’s Charter related to the authorized capital increase.

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