Minister Linkevičius: NATO showed it will not tolerate airspace violations

Linas Linkevičius
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Turkish air force shot down a Russian bomber SU 24 near the Syrian border on Tuesday. This was the first accident when a NATO air force brought down a Russian military aircraft.

The Lithuanian foreign affairs minister commented, “The incident does not represent a threat from Turkey‘s side, because threats come from those who violate [other countries’] airspace, not those who protect it. It had been said that such violations would not be tolerated. Because there had been reports about violated airspace, not once or even twice, there were even brought down planes. It was said that if the airspace violations continued, they would not be tolerated and there would be adequate response. And that was the response. The fact itself that a NATO air force brought down a Russian military plane for the first time is a special incident which requires special attention. Countries should evaluate the situation adequately and I believe that common sense will prevail and the situation will not be escalated further.”

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