Most Lithuanians think country could resist military invasion for several days without help

According to the survey that asked respondents to specify the duration Lithuania would be capable of resisting a possible military attack from Russia without any help from NATO, 44.6 percent of those polled said Lithuania would be able to withstand it for 1-2 days, 16 percent said it would last a week, while 7.3 percent said Lithuania would hold off for two weeks and 7.2 percent said a month.

4.2 percent gave Lithuania three months and 5.2 percent said the country would stand more than three months. Some 15.5 percent did not give an answer.

Among those who specified 1-2 days were mainly men aged 26-45 with a university degree and living in the country’s major cities. A month of more was mainly specified by the youngest respondents aged 18-25.

The survey was carried out for DELFI by public opinion and market research company Spinter Tyrimai (Spinter Surveys) on 16-26 July.

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