‘Neighbouring countries still pose biggest threat to Lithuania’

Artūras Paulauskas
DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

“First of all come Russia and Belarus which have an active intelligence activities and collect information about our civil service and army. The terrorism threat level is also raised and there is cyber and information security threats,” said Paulauskas.

When asked whether demography, social inequality and similar problems should also be considered as threats to the country, Paulauskas said that the external and internal security must still remain the most important.

“It would be strange if security authorities analysed internal security threats. They must monitor threats to our national security. If there would be no independent government in our country, the country would be occupied, then those problems would not be solved at all. It is necessary to agree that external and internal security is the most important, and then talk about all the other threats – demographics, crime, social inequality,” said Paulauskas.

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